Message from the Universe: Do not make a mountain out of molehill!

From here, of course, all earthly problems appear small – really small. That’s because we know they’re fleeting, they prepare you for the “best of your life,” and you chose them, not wanting to obtain their rewards in any other way.

But from where you are, of course, they can look gigantic. That’s because they’re often seen as permanent, limiting, and imposed upon you by chance, fate, or circumstance.

Get real. See them from our perspective.

To the best of your life starting right now,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

There are as many grains of sand in all the deserts and beaches in this planet as there are stars and galaxies. So just pick up one grain of sand, carefully look at it, analyze it for what it is, and imagine yourself INSIDE that little grain of sand, in a quantum level, as this is who we are when we compare Earth with all the rest of galaxies, planets and stars in our Universe. We feel that our problems are monumental when we face them today, but the reality is that these problems are given to us because the power from above knows you can handle it. We deal with issues daily, some small and other pretty large. We focus on looking for a solution to alleviate the gravity of that problem. Once solution is found, we move forward. Ideal situation isn’t? For most, it is but others have the difficulty in understanding the letting go part and moving on. They let that issue ponder and consume the energy they have left to move forward to bigger and better things. They feel and stay trap on that issue, gravitating around it like the moon with our planet. They feel like no solution can be the best solution and keep on feeling sorry about themselves and their situation.

Learning to let go and finding A solution, and NOT the best solution is necessary for you to learn to move past that issue and focus on more productive aspect of your life. No need to worry as many more problems will arise in your lifetime but if you get into the habit of solving problems and learning to move forward, the rest of your issues will seem pretty easy to overcome. There is no unique solution for all your problems, and even if you do find one, you might come across another solution that may be better. Do not regret anything and just learn from all the lessons life is giving you. You are a smart person and you need to stay positive and on track to reach your dreams and goals. We all want to be the best we can be and strive for excellence. However, make sure to not let excellence become an obstacle. There is no such things as perfection, so learn to live with that.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days.


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