Message from the Universe: There are just a few shortcuts in life!

The best shortcut of all to the life of your dreams, is knowing that you’ve already arrived.

Because you have.

Like greased lightning,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Life is a journey and many who have tried to shortcut some areas in their lives have somewhat paid the price. In some way or another, trying to cut in the middle of the line will only delay results. It may seem like you are looking for a shorter path to your destination, the result will not be as great as you expected. Just like dieting, trying to using fat burning pills to reach your goal faster will only create detrimental effect in your body, which in return, halt your progress and send you in the Emergency room with life threatening ailments. The shortcut doesn’t solely relate to weight loss, but to hundred of different areas in people’s lives. The same goes to getting promoted at work where you try cutting corners and hurting people along the way. I understand that when a new job is posted, there can be only ONE person who will get the job, even though dozen of candidates will apply. So human nature will dictate that it become war between all applicants and whoever is the strongest will win. If you trust yourself well enough, if you have faith and belief that your talents and capabilities can help you get this promotion, you can say that you won the war fair and square. You didn’t need to back stab a few people to get what you want, and the result will be to only create more tension in the workplace where everyone around you wouldn’t want to work with someone with no scruples.

You have to be careful with who you mess up with because life has somewhat of a way to pay you back, and not always in the right way. The best advice is to do things honestly and play fair. You can however, utilizing your own thoughts and belief, to expedite the process of getting to where you want by feeling that you have already arrived to your goals and dreams. You have all the rights to think the way you want without anyone telling you otherwise. Believe that you can do all the things you set yourself up to do and go for them no matter what. Make sure to take calculated risk with everything you do but listen mostly to your inner voice, it will direct you in the right path.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days


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