Message from the Universe: You deserve a lot more than you think!

“All right, the reservation’s been made and a Beechcraft 400A private jet with experienced staff, advanced multimedia hookups for every passenger, and faux-leopard-skin sleeper recliners throughout, will be yours for any twenty-one days you choose. Just as soon as you arrange payment of US$368,750. In advance. Fuel, of course, will be extra. A lot extra.

Now, repeat after me:

“You have to be joking!
Faux leopard skin is so ‘early 2000.’
What else do they have?”

Cool. Now stay with this perspective, because this kind of transaction takes place every single day for those who already have.

Your co-pilot,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Doesn’t it feel good to have this fresh perspective about your upcoming abundance? This scenario is not exclusively reserved for the Mayweather or Trump or whoever else can afford it. Their thinking and perspective is what made it all happen. They believed in themselves that they can do all of what they put their minds into and successfully accomplished it. If they did it, why can’t you? They are no different than you, well, maybe with a few more billion dollars in their bank accounts, but that is something you can also accomplish if you create yourself a clear direction. You need to first determine what you are passionate about? What do you personally consider doing something that you LOVE and not call it work? What do you want to do in life? What kind of change do you want to do with yourself first before you can suggest a change for the world? How do you feel when you wake every morning? Is it groundhog day for you on a daily basis? Are you just accepting things the way they are or are you taking action to seek for the best? Start by answering these questions before  moving forward.

Once all questions are answered and you feel happy and accomplished, start prioritizing what you want to tackle first. Start digging deep within yourself and learn about who you are as a person. Do not worry about how your future should be or what color Learjet you want to order or if the seat should be or not in Faux Leopard skin. Throughout this journey, make sure you are having fun and are happy throughout the learning process. You will face lots of dilemmas and hurdles and once you go through them and come out a winner, you will always ask yourself what was the big fuss about that?

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Phd, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days.


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