Message from the Universe: Should I take the BLUE pill or the RED pill?

“In case you haven’t caught on.

You are not where you now think you are.

You are not what you now think you are.

You are not even who you now think you are.

Because even to think, in spite of its fantastic power to manifest, is to limit.

Ouch, my brain –
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

It is kind of ironic that despite my many daily post promoting the mantra: “Thoughts become things”, I am now suggesting to stop thinking because it sets limit to your thoughts. Let’s analyze that for a moment. When you think, you create a process that will bring an idea to life, and by putting some action behind that idea, it will manifest itself in real life, displaying your work and success for the whole world to see. All this is great, but all this great thinking of yours doesn’t exclude the negative thoughts coming into your mind and creating havoc in your progress. When you have 60 some thousand thoughts crossing your mind every day, it is difficult to track the nature of each and every of these thoughts, remembering their content and sorting through the good or bad ones. You might remember a few but not all. Training your brain with meditation will allow your mind to decipher more easily through the thoughts of the day that will create the positive impact in your life and ignore or dispose of the negative ones that have no real purpose besides self doubts and fear. More meditation you do, and more you can allow yourself to expose this talent of yours for your own mind to take advantage of it and start appreciating life. Where you are today is just an illusion of what your mind creates to insure stability and balance. It isn’t a coincidence, or case of synchronicity that Hollywood is launching movie at the Box office for pure entertainment purposes. When the movie Deep Impact (May 7th 1998) or Armageddon (July 1st 1998) came out at the theater, were they a message because they wanted to warn us about potential asteroid hitting our planet? Why 2 similar movies coming out 2 months apart from each other if something wasn’t going to potentially hit us? NASA didn’t want to alarm humans or that might create pandemonium on all level. They used Hollywood box office to send us signs that something may come, but that is again, just an assumption.

Another movie that i feel relevant to this post is the Matrix trilogy. If you pay closely attention to the verbiage in this movie, and compare it to what is actually happening in our world, Matrix nailed it pretty well. We are living in another dimension that is separated by time and space and even scientist are discovering that this so called Universe of ours, based on the M-Theory, the Multiverse concept, where other similar Universes exist, living in bubbles and each parallel Universes have their own spiral and elliptical galaxies, composed of billions of stars and planets and maybe even Earth. Have God created carbon copies of what we see today? If carbon copies of Earth do exist, is there another YOU or ME? If there is another you or me, are we doing the same things as profession or career, or are we thinking the same way or whatever else and if are involved emotionally with someone, are we with that same person we are with here on our planet, in our milky way galaxy? Do we have different taste or different hobbies? Who are we in our parallel universe? I am looking for answers. So, should I take the BLUE pill or the RED one?

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days.


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