Message from the Universe: Heading back into a distant future!

“If right this very moment, I could take you for a long walk behind the curtains of time and space and reveal to you all that you cannot now see – the magic and miracles of creation, the secrets and mysteries of the past, the countless forgotten friendships you’ve made, the rainbows and waterfalls of the cosmos, and all of the adventures that will one day sweep you off your feet – do you know what would eventually surprise you the most?

How homesick you’d be for all you now have… drama included.

You rock,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

If I personally had the chance to talk to the Universe, I would go with: “Keep all the drama, I don’t want any of it”. The truth of the matter is that I wouldn’t mean a word of it. What we experience today, including drama and all that comes with it, will help mold our personality for tomorrow. If there was an easy way to reach success, everyone would walk that path. Unfortunately for all the entitlement mentality owners out there, I am happy to disappoint you with that one. Life isn’t going to be easy for anyone. All the ones who worked hard, pushed beyond their limits of patience, failed over and over again, got back on their feet and pushed more are the ones who are and stay on top. There is no magic there. Now don’t go and compare yourself to oil moguls, or banks or other industries that controls the planet and allow their wealth and status make you feel vulnerable and depressed as to how they made it up there. Everyone built their own opportunities when it comes to reaching their success. There is so much abundance out there for everyone on Earth to be billionaires. So go out there and get your piece of the pie.

Now what is the feeling behind seeing the future and understanding how your hard worked paid off. The majority of the population tend to live into the future because they hate the present, especially if the present requires to sacrifice a lot, forego fun for misery,  just to attain a dream that is never really guaranteed. But what if you can jump into the Delorean and go 20 years into the future, and right at this moment. You experience fortune and glory, amazing status and so much more. You look back and realize: “hey, all that suffering wasn’t really that bad, it made me appreciate the things more because of everything i had to go through to be where i am today, which is 20 years into the future”. You are now creating yourself an alternate future, a future of thoughts, a future of possible manifestation from the thoughts you had 20 years ago. Your mind can’t really process that time lap into the future because of your thoughts remaining in past tense. You need to change your mind set, follow your dreams and take action and once you get to where you want to be, you will remember all the hard work and sacrifices that are required to be where you are today. Live for the NOW and not for the TOMORROW. Since tomorrow is never guaranteed, the only thing you have left is TODAY, and today will disappear again as you head for the next day. The experiences and hardship that you face everyday is temporary, just like a storm. Once its passes, you get another chance to create something new, something different and something better.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days




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