Message from the Universe: Money isn’t happiness!

“Thinking that money will somehow make one happy isn’t thinking at all.

Hey, sorry, you know better. But you might not believe how many people think that just because they don’t have much of it now, its lack is at the root of their challenges, which is never the case.

    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Less you focus on the pursuit of money, more chances money will start pursuing you. Learning to be happy with what you already have or possess will be a predominant factor on how you will live your life when you have money. Nothing will really change, besides a piece of mind that you can buy whatever you want. So is it primarily based on materialistic desires? If this is the case, being happy with what you have TODAY will not increase your happiness with what you can buy when you have plenty of money, right? You might want to buy more luxurious cars, or bigger homes or whatever else. However, this desire of lavish lifestyle will always keep you more stressed as to maintain this new life. You will stress more because you will be afraid of losing it all. These thoughts coming into your mind will pollute your consciousness and you will eventually lose what you have. Once you have lost it all, the thoughts of losing more are gone. This cycle will begin all over again, when you go back into wanting money and dreaming about it. The same goes for your health. You destroy your health in the first part of your life by stressing out and wanting to reach the summit of financial independence and wealth, to use that same wealth (with medications and hospital visits) to heal yourself on the second and last part of your life. Does that make any sense? Can’t we just avoid all that by living happy with what we already have? It is not as easy as we may want it to be. Our society judges everyone with what we have, our status and whatever else we may possess to attract the wrong people in our lives. We forget what is really important and fall in the same trap as many others. We keep on pursuing an illusion, just like what you would see in the matrix. All this is just a fabrication of our mind, our thought process that dictates what or who will make it and who wouldn’t. Don’t live the life that you were given, start building it the way you want it.

You don’t need to follow the crowd as many others do. When you do arrive on top of the hill, look down, and even though it may be scary, it is important to take that leap of faith and trust that you will make it at the bottom, that is a guarantee. Ideally, you would want to have your parachute deploy prior to hitting the ground, but ultimately, with the trust in the power from above, the parachute will open. You may have some scratches and bruises on landing, but you are just among the few that decide to take that leap of faith. Be different from every body else, and live a life for yourself. Stop waiting for anyone’s approval and just take that chance. If you fail, so what? What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing at all really. F.A.I.L (First Attempt In Learning) allows you to gain knowledge and experience on all future actions. As long as you do not repeat the same exact mistakes, you will live on making new ones and eventually become better at living your life. Remember, they are YOUR mistakes, and no one elses. When you learn to NOT share anything with anyone when it comes to your career plans, NO one will be there to say: “I told you so” because they wouldn’t know anything about it in the first place. So what is there to worry about? Go out there and live your life, be happy and appreciative with what you already have and move forward to gaining more life experience by failing some more. This is what living life is all about!!!

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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