Message from the Universe: Life isn’t as difficult as you may think!

“Let’s pretend, just for today, all day long, throughout our every thought and decision, that life is easy, that everyone means well, and that time is on our side. Okay? And let’s pretend that we are loved beyond belief, that magic conspires on our behalf, and that nothing can ever hurt us without our consent. All right?

And if we like this game, we’ll play tomorrow as well, and the next day, and the next, and pretty soon, it won’t be a game at all, because life, for us, will become those things. Just as it’s become what it is today.

You’re getting warmer,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Keeping the positive thoughts coming in and drowning your mind is what you should strive for. There is no reason why we shouldn’t focus on what is easier and more simple. Why do we need to allow negativity to come into our life and let it linger for too long? It takes more energy and effort to think negative than positive? Why exert all this energy for no reasons? I understand that life can take its toll and that circumstances may happen that aren’t too favorable to you. It is a part of life and this is the things we need to learn to accept. However, these unforeseen circumstances happened because you allowed them to happen, and you allowed negative thinking to plague your mind. Nothing happens for no specific reasons, it is the effect of your thinking. There is one ultimate solution to that. Yes, you know what it is. If you want to change your outcome, you need to change your thinking. It may be hard at first, because of the years of negativity that YOU allowed into your mind that will be hard to remove. However, with hard work, self-apprenticeship, education and lots of meditation, you will learn to reboot your mind and re-install a better functioning operation system with NO malware.

It is important to keep this process going day in and day out. You might not see the changes happening overnight, but do not despair. Everything great will come when you create a new habit and allow only the positive to come into your life. Focus on what you want to create for yourself. Do that everyday, and never change your path, unless if needed. Keep a journal of when you see darkness coming into your life and fix it as soon as you can. Create happiness triggers for yourself when this happen. Always look forward to doing the things you love doing. Allow yourself to FAIL at times, as this is the ONLY way you will ever learn and appreciate the things you already have. Be grateful for a great life G-d gave you and keep on moving forward, no matter what happens. You can always look back and feel accomplished for everything you’ve done so far. No many got to where you are today!

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days. 


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