Message from the Universe: Always remember to visualize!

“Nothing is left to chance. The choreography of players and circumstances in your world are plotted with mind-numbing precision. Gigantic forces of attraction are activated and engaged. The odds for your inevitable success begin skyrocketing. And every second of every day is calibrated and recalibrated… whenever you remember to visualize.

Who loves you, baby?
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Everything that is happening, day after day is because the Universe has something to do with it. Now, the ONLY reason why the Universe is involved is because of how your structured your thoughts to make things happen the way they did. Just like the beginning of the Universe, after the Big Bang, all of the elements that were needed to create dark matter and energy was based on precision of temperature and angle of explosion. If anything was off from 1/10 of a degree would have change everything we see today. Probably nothing you see today would have ever existed. Everything was plotted with mind-blowing precision. The famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, admitted that without divine intervention, nothing you see today would have ever existed, which is pretty impressive when it came from someone who originally said that God had nothing to do with creation.

Can we say that God had the thoughts and intent to create all of what we see today? Now, I am not saying that we have that same power of thoughts over that supreme being, but our thoughts have power in itself, without us even realizing it. If you start visualizing how things are meant to happen and leave the Universe to take care of the rest, you will look at things differently and changes will occur, to your benefit. Do not let any doubts enter your mind at any time as it confuses the Universe from doing what it does best…making things happen. So as you are working towards your goals, start thinking right and focusing more on the positive and the belief that you are capable of accomplishing big things in life. Do not focus on the “How” it will happen, but primarily on what you want to happen. Do not worry about the “If” it (your dream) will ever happen, but always wonder as to the “When” it should happen.

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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