Message from the Universe: Make your dreams come true!

“Q: What would you call a world where each challenge bears gifts, your enemies are ancient friends in disguise, and by simply pretending your dreams have already come true, mountains are moved?

A: Earth.

Too easy?
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Even though you do not see great things happening in your life just yet, it is important that you are feeling the excitement that it will happen soon. You need to look at everything you always wished and know for certainty that it will happen in your lifetime. You want to believe that all will happen, and with the strong sentiment that your success is very close by, anything great can happen in your day. You will start perceiving life with a more upbeat attitude. Your attitude will change as you start feeling the chills in your body when you go visit your exotic car dealer. You start looking at homes and which one you feel like purchasing in the next coming 6 months. Everything around you seems to be changing for the best because your approach to life has changed. No more negativity is entering your mind as it did before and you are enjoying this new side of you. You want to enjoy every single  moment of this process as the reality will soon start to kick in. The famous adage: “Be careful what you wish for” will be in full motion as you will start experiencing what the rich and famous deals with every single day of their lives. Be ready for an exciting adventure.

It is not THAT difficult to think of success in your life. You simply need to have your thoughts aligned with your beliefs, put actions into your thoughts and allow the Universe to clearly understand what you are looking for. Patience is a must during this phase because even though you may believe that you deserve success today, the Universe might feel differently about the timing. However, by seeing how persistent you are and the level of determination you possess, there is no reason why you can’t expedite the process and send a clear and concise message to the Universe that you are ready for the Big Bang of your success. It has no other choice to oblige to your demands. Allow the Universe to work with you when it comes to aligning everything the right way for you to experience greatness. There is no rule of thumbs that all positive people will experience positive things and negative people will experience negative. However, why not put the odds in your favor and focus on the positive and let the rest unravel in front of you. I am sure that you will see changes that will happen either sooner or later, but they will happen. Don’t abandon the ship without having the certainty that it will sink. Sometimes, your success is so close by that your continuous pursue it essential to experience it. Keep on digging until you reach the gold, as long as you’ve done your research that gold is actually there.


Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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