Message from the Universe: Great potential ahead of you!

“Did you know there are planets “out there” with intelligent life, where if suddenly one of the locals began demonstrating your brand of emotional courage and grit, they’d be in all the tabloids, receive lucrative endorsements, and have their own talk show?

Tell them about these NOTES when the mothership lands,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Lots of great things are about to happen. Just keep moving forward and do not stop, even though it feels like nothing is happening. Sometimes, greatness happens just a few moments after you decide to give up, and all the hard work and effort put into your venture is destroyed. When you feel that need to just abandon everything because of feeling of frustration, I would suggest to push a bit further, and that is because you are close to experience the greatest success of your life.The similar things happen when you work out. You feel the pain and lactic acid flowing in your muscle after the 10th or 15th repetition and about to complete that set, but if you push 3 additional reps after that intense muscle burning feeling, this is when growth happens. Nothing really happens the first few reps as it is considered just a warm-up for the muscle. Your professional success is based upon the same principle of pushing beyond that frustration barrier, to never give up your dreams and to persevere, no matter how you are feeling. Great results are about to follow right after.

Give others something to talk about when it comes to your fortune and glory. Many will do their best to put stick in your wheels prior to you reaching success by being negative and discouraging you for reaching your dreams. They will give you the wrong advice so when you do fail, their goals have been reached. Question is: “Why do you need to share anything with anyone? Are you looking for their approval? Are you looking for their blessings?” You won’t get that at all. Remember that many of the nay-sayers are too afraid to take any risks in their lives but still are miserable for making the wrong decisions and working in the wrong field. They point fingers at everyone else for their failures because they can’t assume any responsibilities. Since they hate seeing anyone succeed, they will do everything in their power to stop you from reaching your dreams. The only ammo you can get against these people is to keep your MOUTH SHUT. Do not share ANYTHING, not an idea, not a suggestion, nothing at all. Let them live in their little ignorant bubble and you keep doing what you are doing. Keep yourself motivated and keep on working harder than anyone else out there. The results will be phenomenal.


Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach

Happy in 100 days


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