Message from the Universe: Open your eyes and heart in the right places!

“When you begin to find love in people and places where you haven’t found it before, it’s always because you’ve grown.

You so rock,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

As we live our journey in life, we come across people that will help us or hurt us. Every person that crosses your path have a specific meaning to help you learn more about who you are as a person. Some people are here to stay and others are there to leave, either leaving you with a good memory or a really bad one. Depending on what you extract out of your experience, it can help you grow as a better person or let you live your life with a grudge, not enabling you to move forward, paralyzed by your fears. Life is difficult and will always be difficult for many out there, but also, it all depends on how you perceive life to be, how you work towards bettering yourself every opportunity you get. It can be annoying to see bad people experiencing many great things, like wealth, or fame or whatever else while you are still stuck miserable doing the same work. Everybody is different and we all live our own unique life so never keep comparing yourself to any other person. If we take the example of the bad wealthy person, he probably screwed around many people that wants him dead, which he needs to always sleep with one eye open, in case he get shot or something. Is that really a good life? You answer that question.

Defining success is different among every humans living on earth and our society is symbolizing success based on how many digits we have in our bank account. Success can mean different things to different people, just like happiness does. People are can live with their 10 dollars per hour and manage their money properly can live a happy life, be able to save and still enjoy what they have. Appreciate the things they already have is crucial to their happiness, as someone will always have less. It is based on what you want to see in your own life and how you want to move forward. If money is what makes you happy, you can pursue it but figure out if it will make you happy at the end. Money definitely can help, but it never can buy happiness.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Certified Life Coach

Happy in 100 days.


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