Message from the Universe: Happiness is looking for YOU!

“Crowds are starting to gather. Angels are starting to whisper. Smiles are starting to broaden. And trust me, it has nothing to do with the independence, wealth, health and happiness that’s right now secretly finding its way to you in time and space. Not a thing!

    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

When you stop chasing, things start changing. Just like when you are in the single scene and you keep on chasing on your crush. They like the attention, the chase, and will make you work hard for it. They will even mislead you because they know they can. However, if you stop going after that crush, they suddenly feel lost as to why you stopped this amicable chase. When you start putting attention to someone else, they suddenly appear out of nowhere showing an unfathomable interest in you. They send you text, maybe a few calls here and there just to arise interest again. You are now feeling in sudden control, just because you decided to change the way you approach things in life. When you stop chasing desperately for the things you want, these same things start chasing after you. Running after money is like running after a shadow. You can never catch up to it. It is an endless race. However, when the sun angles a certain way, that shadow of yours seems to be standing behind you, instead of in front of you. What does that mean? Well, the same shadow you were chasing seems to start chasing you. As you look at life differently, the shadows of your life start running after you.

Because you start believing in yourself, you no longer feel the need to run after anything. You have built enough confidence to feel that you are worthy enough for others to come after you and seek advice. Your whole perception seems to be changing for the better, and in return, you look at yourself with a brand new pair of lens. The old doubtful, hesitant, scared person that was you have become a more assertive determined and fearless individual. You are a new person because you no longer feel like you need to please others at your expense. You are better than that but most importantly, you’re believing it.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.




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