Message from the Universe: Worldwide recognition at its best!

“Look at it like this, the more challenging your life story has been so far, the bigger the goosebumps for future generations who retell it to their kids. Who will no doubt add, “And if he or she (which is YOU)was able to do all that, so can you!”

We’ve barely just begun,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

This is where all your hard work and recognition is coming back full force. You want to be the pioneer in your field, whichever it may be. Just want to add that recognition does come at a price. The price of being persistent, determined, plenty of sacrifice and overall focus to get to where you need to be. Not everyone will do it, and this is why you shouldn’t be everybody. Follow your heart and know what is best for you and not everybody else. Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times for his bulb to work, and he failed all of this time. If he didn’t try a few more times, it is NOT his name you would see in history books but his successor. Edison pushed forward, no matter what and this is why he is included in every history book about invention, science and much more.

Wouldn’t you want your legacy to continue and have your great great great grandchildren telling people that you are a member of their genealogy family tree? This would be such an honor for them to share to everyone how brilliant you were during this generation. You will always be the pioneer in everything you do or created. Show to yourself that you are capable of accomplishing greatness and that NO one can tell you otherwise. It is time to show your true colors so might as well get started NOW. Life is filled with challenges and everyone will get their share. But what makes a person great is overcoming these challenges and figure out the best way to move forward, regardless on how tough these times can be. At the end, everyone will wonder HOW you did it and what pushed you forward to make things happen the way you did. So go out there and leave your mark so you can be a part of history.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.



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