Message from the Universe: Where every delays is a blessing in disguise.

“What if every “no,” meant “not yet”?

Every setback meant, “there’s something way better”?

Every loss meant, “even more is on the way”?

And every disappointment meant, “pucker up, buttercup”?

Yeah, precisely –
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Never give up despite the challenges you will face in your daily lives. As an entrepreneur, you have faced lots of rejections, many “no’s”, setbacks, financial loss and tons of disappointments. However, despite the odds going against you, the desire to keep moving forward towards reaching your dreams is admirable. You are still knocking on doors, working towards figuring out the best path that will take you to your desired destination. You need to interpret things that will work best for your psyche. When someone says NO to your product or service, just think of it as a maybe or NOT YET, or if you keep on hitting the wall with your ideas, know that something else may be better to tackle, and every financial loss you are encountering, see it as great abundance coming soon. There is always better, bigger, greater in life. You just need to be courageous enough to go and look for it.

Many may say the same is for relationships and this is why many can’t commit to one person. There is always thinner, prettier, taller, richer, sexier, funnier, more romantic, more kind, more this and that so what is the point of choosing ONE person when you will come across someone better. When it comes to the matter of the heart, things are not to be taken lightly. You are dealing with a human being, with feelings, so you can’t be playing people and leashing them around like pets. If commitment is not a part of you, do not waste anyone’s time. Focus on what is best for you and avoid hurting others as it will come and bite you in the ass. For the rest, you can go and reach for the top and NEVER settle. There is so much more out there for you to take.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


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