Message from the Universe: Let the adventure begin!

“Do you know what happens when I become a brand new “someone?

You know, the moment I begin to play, grow, and live a new lifetime within the jungles of time and space? All to become more than I was before the adventure began?

I sporadically and unpredictably feel alone and disconnected, like I’m missing something. Even though I’m not, I rock, and love carries me everywhere.

Same for you.

Rock on, loveable –
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

There will always be a time when you will question your mission and presence on planet Earth. You will wonder, trying to determine the reasons as to why God has chosen you to be on this Earth and what can you do to enrich your life for the better of human kind. The journey in life will not be easy for anyone. We feel like we haven’t done enough, or accomplished greatness like the many other successful people on Earth. We wonder if we will make ever make it despite our stubbornness and persistence in the things we believe in. We will face challenges, that’s a given and we will suffer at times. The storm may stay around us longer than others, making us wonder why life is so unfair. There is nothing much we can really do to justify our significance on Earth. Do not fret the details here as everything that doesn’t happen TODAY will eventually find its way to you in a more productive way.

Those lacking patience will never amount to greatness as they are searching for the instant gratification returns on investment. Nothing comes instantly and you need to work very hard to get what you want in life. This comes to a big shock for all millenniums as they are fooled with the principles where everything you want will come and be delivered to you, no questions asked. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is NOT how life works. I agree that everything starts with your positive thoughts, but as long as you put action into your thoughts, everything will follow accordingly. I understand that it will be disappointing at times but keep yourself motivated and stay enthusiastic all through your journey in life. Your adventure will be fun and filled with uncertainty. Let it begin NOW!

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.



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