Message from the Universe: Reaching out for more happiness!

“Happiness does not mean you’ve settled for less, it signals you’re ready for more.

Hut 1! Hut 2!
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Being happy with what you have is a state of mind for wanting more. Look at it this way. Many may perceive your happiness as a mental state where you are ok with what you have, that you are not looking for anything else because you have already reached what 99% of the population are dying to experience: Happiness. So, because you have already reached your destination, there is no need for you to seek more in life. Not exactly true. You see, the ones who are happy at the present doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t seeking a new level of happiness, they are just grateful with what they have in life, which propels them to wanting to appreciate more of the things they do not have yet. Just like money, the ones who are billionaires won’t stop working towards more of the billions they already have, but they become complacent about the money earned vs the potential of more money coming into their lives. They are no longer doing it for the money, they are doing it for the challenge.

Challenging life in itself can bring you to being happy. When life is challenging, it triggers your sixth sense, which in return, helps you become more aware of your environment, and finally, allows you to sense joy and pain from others. This feeling can be transformed into philanthropy and act of kindness on your part, which in return, enhance your happiness. Why do you see the richest men on Earth become philanthropists? That is because their never-ending desire to seek more happiness is changing gear, as it’s no longer about the money in the bank, but more about changing lives. Their definition of happiness has drastically changed compared to when they were struggling to becoming billionaires. It’s not about settling for less because you already are happy, but because you want to do more, by changing lives, one person at a time.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days


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