Message from the Universe: Bending the time and space continuum.

“It’s rather challenging for those here who’ve never experienced time and space to actually grasp how formidable you sometimes think your illusions are, because, quite frankly, they see the world around you as just more you.

Cool, huh?
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Visualizing your future is something that anyone can do, as it all start with your imagination. You can imagine anything you want, as it being wealth, abundance, healthy, illness, broke, depressed, happy, active, lazy and anything else in between. Your close or distant future all starts with a spark that drives your subconscious mind to create an illusion of events that are soon to occur. With enough meditation, persistence, determination, and so much more, you can train your brain to think differently, and that will certainly change your perception on how you want your future to be. I am not saying it is an easy task, especially if you been dealing with so much negativity in the past, but it is a start. You need to work on changing your habits so you can allow new and improved process entering your daily life. There is no reasons for you to think otherwise. You control your own future.

The biggest regret of many in their deathbeds is very common: “It’s always waiting for the perfect moment to take action”. There will never be a perfect moment unless you make it to be. There is never a perfect moment to start a new business, or to get married, or to have kids, or to buy a new home or whatever else. However, based on your existing capabilities, you visualize how your life would be if you did start that business at an inopportune time, or get married with no dollars in your bank account, or start having a family even though you know there will be struggles. No one really know or can anticipate the future if you don’t try it. I am not saying to do stupid things such as getting married with the wrong person just to see what the future holds, or invest in a business that is 100% guaranteed to fail or have kids with different people. Take time to sit down and evaluate a bit more your situation and take action once you have made the right decisions. It is YOUR life after all.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days





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