Message from the Universe: Manifesting your dreams PRONTO!

“Manifesting works like compound interest.

You get back more than you put in.

Let’s make a deposit,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Let your dreams render the results you need in life. If you expect to make it big when you didn’t invest time, blood, and energy in your dreams, then think again. Nothing will ever happen and the end result is just a mountain of frustration that you wouldn’t ever be able to surmount. You have control to what you invest in but have no control on the outcome. Fear and uncertainty is what makes people stay put, not take action, not do much to prove that they can accomplish anything in life.
Fear will stop anyone and everyone in their track but the best things in life resides on the other side of safety. No regular Joe Shmoe accomplished greatness by following the rules. You need to think outside the box and push forward no matter what. Breaking the rules, not the law is what you need to do any chance you get. If you know what it takes to succeed, you need to use any means necessary to make it happen. Don’t be afraid as it won’t allow you to achieve the ultimate success.
Think about your dreams, analyze them and figure out what will work for you. Take calculated risks before jumping into anything, but you need to take these risks. Work on formulating a plan and move forward with it. Don’t overthink everything as you will amount to accomplishing nothing. See what will fit your new lifestyle. During this process, think that your life has already changed, that you’ve already achieved ultimate success. Start looking at your dream home, or cars you wanted to buy or whatever else. You need to feel as it already happened so you can get that chilling feeling of happiness. Go out and look up to the stars and have a one on one with the Universe. Ask IT to listen to your words, see your visions and allow it to help you manifest these dreams into reality. The rest is up to you.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days


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