Message from the Universe: Your thoughts as the point of singularity!

From where you sit right now, reading this message, you are held and supported by energies unimaginable. All commanded by you and your choice to think big or small, rich or poor, confident or afraid, easy or hard, fun or boring, play or work, here or there, now or then, fast or slow, ice or no ice, your call.

Love you,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,


Everything in life remains in your control. Your thoughts, your dreams, your desire, your actions, basically everything. God gave you the free will to think for yourself, and to do the things that are right. There is never any right or wrong answer to the test of life, as every decision you make today will have direct repercussion on how you live your life tomorrow. You are in direct control of your destiny, even though your future hasn’t been written yet. We do not have any certainty as to what the future holds for us, and every decision we make now that are different to what we are used to make change a future that was already meant to be different. I agree, it is very confusing but follow my logic for a minute. Let say you drive the same way to go to work everyday, but the day you decide to change path, your life will change drastically. Now, no one really asked you to take another street to arrive at that same location but on that day, you decided to venture out of your comfort zone, just because you can. Was that choice part of your plan? Why did you make that decision on that day to drive another way instead of your regular drive? Very hard to explain your decision at that specific moment.

No one can really predict the reasons why we make last minute change, unless you live your life this way, every day. You can decide to live modestly or look for ultimate wealth and aim towards that goal. You can be afraid of everything or decide to be courageous and tackle problems heads on. You can also maintain a good balance in your life and work  The key is to never give up with what you really want, and be clear when asking the Universe for what it is you are seeking. It may not respond to you immediately, but your message is left in the Universe’s voicemail. It will play the button soon enough. Don’t give up as it would be similar to deleting that message and the Universe never having the chance to listen to it. As long as you are strong to push forward, your message and voice will be heard and this is when your life will change for the better.

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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