Message from the Universe: Your secrets revealed.

Actually, time and space is not a place you go to be taught, as much as it is a place you go to teach. Of what heaven looks like, on earth. Of what divinity feels like, in flesh. And of what it means to dream in spite of darkness, hope in spite of odds, and prevail in spite of fear.

I mean, how else would I know?

Most humbly,
The Universe©Mike Dooley,

Are leaders born or taught? Do people come into this world with a better understanding of how time and space really works? Can humans bend the time and space continuum just with their thoughts? How the Laws of Attraction really works in our day and age? Can someone just think being rich and the Universe will listen to his request and abide by them? So many questions to ask, yet, not many answers are given at this time. Can someone really figure out the secrets of the Universe and how it all works? I guess it all depends on the feeling you have when you confront difficult issues in your life. Are you running after money or you let money run after you? How dedicated are you to make changes in your life that will drastically change perception about yourself? Take your sweet time to answer these challenging questions.

Everything in life happens for a reason, but yet, destiny is yet to change based on what you do in your daily life to accept changes. Are you destined to stay poor all your life or will you have a moment of awakening and decide enough is enough and you will work towards building your own empire. Do you feel overweight and sluggish? Well, just take a quick look at your diet and exercise regimen and determine if this is the optimal way of living your life? If you want to do something, do it because it is all about you. It is your life and many choices are available to you, so it is imperative that you take action as soon as you feel there is a problem. Do not let fear dictate your future, as fear is created from within, hence, it can also be destroyed…from within.

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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