Message from the Universe: It goes something like this……

It goes like this… Whatever you’re capable of summoning, imagining, and moving toward, however feebly to begin with, I am capable of delivering.

In expectation,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Everything starts with that positive thought crossing your mind. Of course, nothing stops you from thinking negative, but why would anyone do that right? Most of us are looking to be happy, to have great health, wealth, abundance, amazing family and so much more. We tend to want all this but feel we do not deserve it. We constantly look towards how others are living and forget to look at how WE live. We envy others for having so much wealth and forget that all of this is possible for us as well. The key here is to redirect our energy into something more productive. Start by looking at what YOU want, at what will make YOU happy, and forget everything else. So much abundance out there that is readily available to anyone or everyone who is willing to ask for it. It is just that simple.


Ok, let me retract that last statement. The thought processes is simple, but let’s not forget how long it requires making your thoughts a reality. Look at it like a conveyor belt. Thoughts from all the successful people are constantly thrown out to the Universe, and it is first come first serve. So since they have years of practice of making their thoughts positive, they have an advantage over all the ones who are new at it. The successful minds know what to ask, as they are very direct and detailed oriented. They are demanding and aren’t expecting anything less from the Universe. We can’t forget that they also put in the hard work to make all of this happen. So learn from the pros, eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind, create yourself a healthy minded environment that you can comfortably ask for whatever you want and NEVER feel guilty about the massive request you have to the Universe. You are ENTITLED to it.


Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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