Message from the Universe: How do the Laws of Attraction REALLY operates!

Some of the people you have the most trouble with – whether shallow, irrational, or diabolical – will be those you admire most when your day of enlightenment comes. Because then you’ll see the nature of the challenges they undertook this lifetime, given from where they came.

Thought you’d be curious,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

When you come across someone who is mean, disrespectful, angry, pissed off or whatever else, it is human nature to accuse this person as this being their personality trait, which in most cases, it is not. Everyone struggles when dealing with difficult situations that can put anyone and everyone in the defensive mode. When we talk about the Laws of Attraction, and when the thoughts become things, it is somewhat easy to think positively when everything is going great in your life. However, the life’s challenge is when adopting good thoughts when everything else in your life is going downhill. This is where people do not seem to really understand these Laws. It is imperative to focus primarily on good things when everything else isn’t going as expected.

If you are experiencing hardship in life, I am sure that thinking positively isn’t practiced daily. However, allowing negative thoughts polluting your mind could ONLY aggravate the situation you are already dealing with. The results are more towards thinking negative thoughts which renders more difficult outcomes. The vicious cycle continues and this is where many find the Laws of Attractive as being erroneous laws. Who can blame them right? How can anyone be and stay positive despite life’s difficult challenges? It is crucial to allow yourself to separate your mind from these difficult challenges and look at it as it NOT happening to you. Easier said than done but what is the alternative? Do you want to keep on living in darkness and keep feeling sorry for yourself or get out of this hole and figure out a way to keep moving forward? What do you feel is the best option? If you have the right answer to these questions, be my guest and go for what suits you best. However, in the meantime, when you come across some colleague or friend or whoever else that is difficult and hard to deal with, just know that they are probably experiencing some very difficult dilemmas that requires their full attention. Be courteous and let them figure it out.

Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days



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