Message from the Universe

“Should you ever find yourself on your path, moving along in spite of fear, wondering if you’re ready or not to rise to the next level, chances are great that you will not be ready.

Rise anyway.

The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

There will NEVER be the right time for anything in life. There is never a right time to get married, to have a kid, or right time to go on vacation, or right time to start a business, or right time for anything. If you wait for one thing to do another, you will be waiting a long time. The key is to do it anyways. If you truly believe in your heart that this is what you need to do, regardless of the present situation you are facing, I will say JUST DO IT. Sometimes, by doing it, all the pieces will come together where you originally thought it can never happen. Circumstances in life are somewhat prone to stop you on your track, even though you do everything in your power to be organized, to work hard, to put your all in everything you accomplish. Planning is great but unfortunately, even with the best planning in the world, you can’t be on top of everything in your life. Something’s gotta give.

We all have faced turmoil in our lives, distress, challenges, obstacles and whatever else you want to throw in this equation we call life. There is never really a perfect moment to do anything. Sometimes, the key is to throw yourself in it and work around its outcome. You will then figure out the best way to optimize every situation you put yourself in. There is always a solution to every problem. We all wonder what came first: The problem OR the solution, just like the chicken or the egg dilemma.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.


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